Why Beyond School?

Beyond School was founded in April 2020, in response to the challenges faced by families during the COVID-19 pandemic – being forced to homeschool, while also working from home, in the midst of such long term uncertainty and then facing the prospect of sending children back to school wearing face masks, keeping their distance from friends and peers, and with the threat of ongoing and sporadic closures.

How can you ensure that your children’s education isn’t going to suffer from all of this disruption?

Jenn and Lea – as parents & co-founders who consciously chose an ‘alternative’, ‘third path’ of education for their own children – knew that the school vs homeschool choice wasn’t as clear or simple as a choice between X or Y.

School – in its current forms of COVID-restricted movements or remote learning – is less than ideal for many families, and making the choice to homeschool is a HUGE one!

Parents who have never even considered homeschooling have been faced with taking on the overwhelming responsibility for the child’s education and we have heard the same fears being expressed by parents everywhere, whether their kids are still technically ‘at school’ or not…

  • “What will we actually do with our kids for the time they’re off school/learning at home?”
  • “I’m not sure I want my children returning to school at all, while things are as they are.”
  • “How on earth can I ‘teach’ my kids? – I’m not a teacher, I have no teaching qualifications, wtf?!”
  • “What if they fall behind? What if they then can’t pass their exams because they’re so far behind?”
  • “How on earth am I going to stay patient & not lose my temper every few minutes if we’re stuck inside all the time and/or I’m trying to work too?”
  •  “They don’t ever listen to me. How on earth are they going to learn anything if they’re at home with me indefinitely?”

At Beyond School we offer a ‘third path’ – a more conscious way to create the kind of education you want for your children, beyond school.

We offer support for parents so you don’t feel alone on this path and we offer amazing learning opportunities for children to truly enrich their education. We would love you to join us at Beyond School.

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