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Why Beyond School?

The public/state school models are NOT serving our children adequately; they weren’t before COVID and it’s become patently clear that they most certainly aren’t now, especially in the face of the ongoing lockdowns/disruption and the ongoing pressure schools and teachers are experiencing themselves.

The incumbent systems are based on an out-of-date model to mass educate children, but it is one that no longer prepares them for the world (of work) that exists now and that they’ll be living and working in.

At Beyond School, we began to address this In early 2020 as more families were forced into learning at home – leveraging our decades of experience of home educating/homeschooling/world schooling AND working remotely – to begin to develop our own approach to learning remotely in a way that truly worked.

It became clear however that we were only serving the top 1-2% of families who could afford our support and, despite a robust Diversity, Equity & Inclusion policy and a dedicated equity fund, it wasn’t enough to reach families and children who needed it most.

After 9 months of supporting well over 200 families and hundreds of children through the ongoing pandemic, and a semester/term of offering world class teaching online with carefully and consciously recruited teachers, we have developed a progressive, integrated and holistic approach to remote learning and learning online with a FULL curriculum of subjects (both conventional and more holistic) which raise the bar and deliver WHOLE person learning with a WHOLE FAMILY approach to education. AND we have identified a way of offering this to children, for free where necessary, to everyone who needs it.

Education is not one size fits all and learning is happening everywhere. We seek to honor and account for this because while full on homeschooling may NOT be for all (or even most) families, interest-driven and self-directed learning IS.

All parents can benefit from support in learning how to better facilitate their kids’ learning journeys. All kids can benefit from an encouragement towards self directed learning.

What Is Beyond School?

Beyond School provides a comprehensive and accessible online learning platform for the WHOLE family, and one which provides support for parents and students to create self directed learning paths that cover all of the educational bases. 

We have developed an integrated, progressive approach to learning online and remote education for families who are looking for an alternative to the public/state school system.

Who Goes To Beyond School?

Beyond School is for EVERYONE who believes that learning happens everywhere, at any time, for everyone. Specifically, we are focused on providing world class learning experiences as…

  1. A source of enrichment and self directed learning for parents who want MORE than schools can offer their children.
  2. A short term, full solution for children who are struggling with the current e-Learning debacle during the pandemic.
  3. A long term solution for families looking to do something different but who aren’t interested in ‘traditional’ homeschooling.
  4. World class support for parents who are interested in understanding how to do self directed learning well.

If the current educational systems aren’t serving you or your family, we can help. Beyond School is a truly accessible academic alternative that is self directed and “whole person” focused.

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