Beyond School for Adults

We advocate WHOLE family learning where parents and adults learn alongside their children and become the models of ‘learning anywhere, at any age’ to their children. We offer learning experiences for adults across six key themes…


Whether your children are in school, you’re homeschooling or you’re considering it, you are the steward of your children’s educational journey. Learn how to become the best facilitators of a world class education and make more conscious, intentional choices about their learning journey, at every age and stage.


From before birth through to adulthood, parenting may be one of the most challenging experiences you’ll face! And yet we receive little education about how to actually be a great parent or what that even looks like, except the model from our own parents. Learn how to become the kind of parent you consciously want and choose to be.  

Self Growth & Development

Better managing how we react to our own thoughts and feelings (whether triggered by other people or not) and how we then choose to behave and act towards ourselves and others, is fundamental to our journey towards more conscious and life-shifting growth. Learn how to chart your course to a more intentional path that impacts your experience of life and all your relationships. 

Health & Wellness

Many of us don’t realise how important our health is until we no longer have it! Living in optimal health requires an intentional, conscious choice to do so before you even add nutrition, exercise or anything else into the mix. Learn how to better listen to what your body is telling you it needs for optimal wellness, and understand how to provide this for yourself. 

Business & Career

The ‘future of work’ has arrived unexpectedly quickly; jobs are changing and the career paths of old are being eroded or moving beyond recognition. Whether you currently run your own business, have a job or want a (new) job, learn how to make the shifts you need and create the career you’ve always wanted, in this new world of work we find ourselves in.

Money & Finance

Money talk can be uncomfortable for some (often a legacy of their parents’ attitudes) and how to manage our money well is not something we typically learn as children. No wonder so many people have such a hard time making & keeping it! Learn how to improve your financial literacy, change your money mindset (for the better) and hone your abundance muscle.