Bootcamp: Beyond The Juggle

Hosted by the leadership team of Beyond School – Jenn Sutherland-Miller, Lea Jovy-Ford and Lucy Power – this is a POWERHOUSE bootcamp that addresses the age-old question of just how do we do it all (and stay sane and happy!)?

Between your partner, children, work, friends, exercise regimen, dreaming of holidays and the good old days when things felt more manageable, you’ve about had it up to here. You are not alone in this. We are ALL feeling the strain right now. This bootcamp will help you.

During The Bootcamp, we will guide you to…

  • Examine the things that matter most to you and what’s causing the MOST friction right now.
  • Identify your needs (not just those of everyone around you) and how to better meet them.
  • Explore how to stop juggling a million different pieces and create a more integrated approach to ‘doing it all’.
  • Understand how work/life integration can work better for you than the elusive work/life ‘balance’, and how to achieve it.
  • Make conscious decisions about the parts of your life giving you the most pain right now
  • Create a different way of being, to enable greater flow, ease and peace in your life. 
  • Better manage unexpected disruptions and changes with greater style and grace.

Who This Is For…

  • Your life feels like a juggling act and it’s been this way all year (or all decade!)
  • You’re afraid you’ll drop ALL the balls any minute now.
  • You’re overhelmed, overscheduled and overextended, and it feels like there’s no end in sight.
  • You feel like there’s a better way but you just don’t have the time or bandwidth to even think about it.
  • It’s starting to impact your performance – you’re forgetting things, dropping balls and letting people down
  • Your health is beginning to suffer – you’re not sleeping well, constantly berating yourself and not being kind to yourself.
  • You feel like you’re failing your kids and ruining their futures.
  • You’re meeting everybody else’s needs but your own.
  • You’re wondering how much longer you can go on like this and fantastising about running away but…COVID.

Join The Next Live Bootcamp!

  • The Beyond The Juggle bootcamp lasts for 4+ value-packed hours, over 2 days with plenty of time for questions throughout.
  • EXTRA SESSION: You will then be invited to a second private group session run by the leader of your choice to directly address the area of most friction for you – this additional session will last between 1-2 hours at no extra cost.
  • A maximum group size of 20.
  • Live Bootcamp fee  $500 (c. £385) per person; this is the equivalent of investing just $100/hour for access to ALL THREE founders of Beyond School for 5+ whole hours!

NEXT LIVE BOOTCAMP: Saturday 12th December AND Sunday 13th December @ 12pm – 2pm Eastern / 5pm – 7pm UK.

Secure Your Bootcamp Place

Live Bootcamp fee: $500 (c. £385) per person.



About Your Bootcamp Leaders

Jenn Sutherland-Miller

A serial entrepreneur, mother of four children who she educated from birth through university entrance while traveling the world full time for over a decade, Jenn is a professional juggler.

As the CEO of Beyond School, Jenn is a deep believer in an integrated life, where career, family, education, community, and passion projects coexist and blend into a life built on your terms.  

Jenn is an experienced parenting and education mentor and coach who has helped hundreds of families find the balance that allows them to build the life of their dreams.

She is passionate about empowering women to integrate the many roles they play, without sacrificing their personal aspirations, to reduce the number of balls they juggle through intentional lifestyle design and learning. 

Lea Jovy

Lea Jovy-Ford

As a mother of four children – two of her own and two bonus (step) kids, currently the main breadwinner of the family and founder of more than one business venture, Lea is a skilled juggler.

She was a pioneer of the location independent/digital nomad movement back in 2006, and has spent almost two decades living & working online, travelling for long periods while also running a number of thriving business, latterly with children in tow.

She has worked with hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs to help them create a similar lifestyle of freedom.

As COO of Beyond School, Lea integrates work, home educating all 4 kids, being in a (relatively new) conscious relationship and managing the struggles of co-parenting with a long-distance father with as much ease and flow as possible!  

Lucy Power

Lucy is a multi-passionate skilled juggler with irons in a few fires and an inferno in her belly for world change through conscious personal healing and growth!  

Alongside her passion projects and her work as one of the co-founders and leadership team for Beyond School, Lucy welcomes her partner’s son each weekend and provides love, connection and conscious parent-flavoured modeling to him through all that he brings as well as moving through her own journey into and around her role in his life. 

Lucy also has an adopted adult kid who lives a couple of hundred miles away and juggles the challenges of long distance parenting, especially through COVID, with the rigours of entrepreneurship and holding space for the emotional challenges life throws her (and others) way.

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