Bootcamp: Beyond Work

Lead by COO and co-founder of Beyond School, Lea Jovy-Ford this bootcamp is designed to help you get ‘beyond work’ that doesn’t work for you!

What does that mean? It means re-examining the purpose and role of work in your life and making a conscious choice to make changes to make work work better for you…

The Beyond Work Bootcamp is for you if…

  • Work feels like…work. (And you have a sneaky feeling it could be so very different!).
  • Either you want to start working for yourself or you want a different job! (Read: You NEED a change!).
  • You’re not happy with the career path you’re on but have no idea how to change paths.
  • You feel lost, direction-less, de-motivated and terrified to change the status quo (better the devil you know, eh?).
  • You need a big shove (or a gentle nudge) to make the leap you’re so desperate to make (but can’t seem to take. Yet).
  • You need some super practical tips and pointers to save wasting your precious time, energy and money on things that won’t help or work for you.

What You’ll Get From Attending The Bootcamp…

  • A clearer picture of your direction, your ‘purpose’, and your why in your career.
  • A roadmap to help you get where you want to go.
  • Clarity on the things you need & what’s missing to help you get where you want to go.
  • Awareness of and insight into the things most likely to stop you and trip you up.
  • Inspiration, motivation and unconventional role models to expand your mind and broaden your horizons.
  • The very next steps you can take to get you started…

Join The Live Bootcamp!

  • The Beyond Work bootcamp lasts for 4+ value-packed hours, over 2 days with plenty of time for questions throughout.
  • A maximum group size of 15.
  • Live Bootcamp fee: $495 (c. £385) per person. A recorded-only version will be available for $295 after this event.

NEXT LIVE BOOTCAMP: January 30th & 31st, 2021 @ 12pm – 2pm Eastern / 5pm – 7pm UK.

Secure Your Space At The LIVE Bootcamp

Register your place for $495, for January 30th & 31st 2021.

About Your Bootcamp Leader

Lea Jovy-Ford

Lea Jovy-Ford

Lea is the COO and co-founder of Beyond School, as well as being the pioneer of the Location Independent movement – the concept that spawned the digital nomad lifestyle and came long before the current rise in remote work.

Some of the things she’s achieved in almost two decades of entrepreneurship:

  • Created a global, life-changing movement (which inspired the likes of Dell to jump on the bandwagon) and garnered international press.
  • Since 2006, built and lead several remote teams for her own companies, of between 5-15 people, creating cultures based on loyalty and trust before ‘remote’ was even a thing.
  • Helped Beyond School grow into a 6-figure business in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, growing from a team of 2 to 15 within 3 months, and from zero to 6 figures in 6 months.

Lea has spent almost two decades living & working online, travelling for long periods while also running a number of thriving business, latterly with children in tow. She has worked with hundreds of business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs to help them create their own lifestyles of freedom. Lea is a mother of two, plus two step-children and wife to Becky. 

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