Bootcamp: Going Beyond School

Led by Jenn Sutherland-Miller, this is an online training Bootcamp for parents and other supportive adults to dive deep into how to create a world class education for your children, outside of the classroom, and beyond school.

During The Bootcamp We…

  • Examine what REALLY MATTERS in terms of what you should “teach” and how to know if your kid is “getting it.”
  • Explore methods, tools and options for kids with alternative learning styles and needs.
  • Talk about multi-level teaching and how to juggle a 5 year old learning to read alongside one in high school.
  • Examine ways to maximize learning wherever you are and how to use local communities for the educational benefit of your kids.
  • Explore why we shouldn’t really care what the public schools are teaching and whether we are “keeping up.”
  • Look specifically at high school and how to cover the bases for kids as they move towards higher education
  • Understand options for university entrance and how to get around standardized testing.
  • Learn how to position and leverage your child’s time OUT of the system as their greatest asset.

Who This Is For…

  • Parents who are considering homeschooling because the school restrictions for next year due to COVID-19 seem unmanageable.
  • Parents who have considered homeschooling in the past but haven’t quite made the leap.
  • Parents who recognise the shortcomings in traditional education and want to add to their kids’ educations at home, even though they’re still attending school.
  • Supportive adults (grandparents, childcare givers, older siblings, bonus parents & community members) who want to understand and perhaps participate in the unique education of a child they love.
  • Alternative educators such as forest school practitioners, adults wanting to run homeschool activities and more.
  • Anyone looking to expand their concept of education and be part of the change for the next generation.

What Bootcampers Have Said…

Thank you for everything! You have created an incredible program and teed everything up for us. The bootcamp exceeded my expectations.

The idea of a two-day online seminar seemed daunting to me but once I was in, I was hanging on every word. It was so informative.


The bootcamp was amazing. It totally transformed how I manage the day with my four kids. Thank you for helping me through this crazy time!

K Heneman, USA

Your bootcamp and one on one expertise in building our curriculum for the year was invaluable. As a first timer in the homeschooling world there’s an overwhelming amount of information out there and you simply don’t know where to start.

Headstart Homeschooling not only provided me with the assurance I needed to take on this adventure, but the detailed information to get started.

By the end of my last session I felt empowered to take on the role of educator and confident that this will be one of our best learning years yet! Thank you for giving our family this irreplaceable gift

L Gorski, USA

Join A Live Bootcamp

  • Each bootcamp lasts for 5 hours, typically split over a weekend.
  • Group sizes are between 5 and 20 people.
  • Live Bootcamp fees are $495 (c. £380) per person.

Next Scheduled Bootcamp: 

To Be Confirmed.

Get The Digital Bootcamp

  • Access edited recordings of a live Bootcamp session (Days 1 & 2).
  • Watch online or download & watch them at your convenience.
  • Digital Bootcamp fees are $295 (c. £190) per person.

Need financial support? 

If you cannot afford these fees but need the support for your family, please apply for sponsored (free) access to the Live or Digital Bootcamp here.

Secure Your Bootcamp Place

Live Bootcamp fee: $495 (c. £380) per person.

Access The Digital Bootcamp

Digital Bootcamp fee: $295 (c. £190) per person.

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