Build: Beyond The Classroom

If you’ve taken our Beyond The Classroom Bootcamp, you might be excited to start building a learning environment for your children, beyond the classroom. We’ve created a suite of resources to help get you started…

Who Build Beyond The Classroom Is For…

This is for parents who:

  • Have taken the Beyond The Classroom bootcamp and want to start putting into practice what you’ve learned.
  • Are worried about the current disruptions at school and whether they’re negatively impacting your kid’s education.
  • Want to take a more active role in creating a rich learning environment for your kids, wherever they are.
  • Love the concept of ‘learning happens everywhere‘ but you’re stuck for ideas about how to actually do that.

What You’ll Gain From Build Beyond The Classroom…

Our goal is to empower you to start creating a richer learning environment for your kids straight away and, in time, for this to become second nature to you. We hope that you will…

  • Understand how simple it can be to provide enrichment for your children, with very few (if any expensive) tools or resources needed.
  • Gain confidence in your ability to boost your children’s educational experience, without needing to ‘know it all’ or have any teaching qualifications yourself!
  • Begin to build enrichment into everything you do with your kids – whether that’s household chores, a fun day out or a trip to the grocery store.
  • Learn how to integrate what you’re doing with what school is doing, on a day to day basis without overwhelming your children.
  • Enjoy observing your children learn what they need to succeed in life (often independently), over and above the academics!

What Build Beyond The Classroom includes…

Purchasing these separately would cost $430; get the Build Beyond The Classroom bundle for $300.

Get Instant Access To Build Beyond The Classroom…

To receive immediate access to the Build Beyond The Classroom resources, complete your payment of $300 below. 

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