Bootcamp: Communicating Remotely

Led by co-founder of Beyond School, Lea Jovy-Ford, and Valentina Thörner, Head of Product at Klaus, this is an online training Bootcamp if you want to learn how to create deep and lasting connections in the online world, that benefit  you professionally and personally.

In the world of remote work, communication is EVERYTHING. It allows us to connect, to encourage, to empower, to influence, to control and much more. Communicating online comes with its own unique challenges. Many of these are discussed in remote working forums – usually focusing on which platforms are best, asynchronous versus synchronous, how much in-person time you need to create a connection.

If you ignore the tools, the platforms and the arguments for now, at the heart of every single communication is a person. And the quality of ALL communication is only ever as good as that person’s ability to communicate AND connect.   

Just like all the other professional skills currently in your toolbox, communication and connection building can be learned, honed, and improved. We use an approach called “Conscious Communication” to do this.


  • Learn about the TWO key principles of achieving conscious communication for maximum impact.
  • Understand how you can create deeper, more impactful connections when we communicate.
  • Examine how you (unconsciously) sabotage your best intentions when you communicate and how to stop this.
  • Explore how to be noticed, stand out and get promoted, remotely.
  • Identify how to resolve and avoid unnecessary conflicts and misunderstandings when communicating online.

Course Structure


In this section, you’ll:

  • Understand the Conscious Communication Philosophy (and be encouraged to craft your own), to give you a framework for improving ALL your communications.
  • Understand the challenges of working remotely and how communicating more consciously can help overcome these, to give you the confidence in being able to work remotely and still stand out.

The WHY of Communicating Remotely…

In this section, you’ll:

  • Learn about the distinct types of communication, and why this knowledge matters.
  • Understand how to identify your own WHY whenever you communicate.
  • Identify the impact of your WHY on the what, where, when and how you communicate.
  • Identify your own responses when others communicate with you.

The HOW + WHAT of Communicating Remotely

In this section, you’ll:

  • Understand all the ways we communicate – verbally and non-verbally – and the impact each of these has.
  • Practice and hone your self awareness to understand why you sometimes react the way you react (which isn’t always useful!).
  • Learn the most common pitfalls of ineffective communication.
  • Learn and apply useful techniques for more persuasive language, conflict resolution and more.
  • Learn how to write well – in any format – online (one of THE fundamental skills for remote workers).

The WHEN + WHERE of Communicating Remotely

In this module, you’ll:

  • Understand the importance of timing in effective and conscious communication.
  • Learn about the different platforms for effective communication online.
  • Learn how to most effectively use the different platforms for online communication.
  • Receive tips, tricks, hacks and valuable resources for communicating more consciously in your external and internal communications.

Join The Next Live Bootcamp!

  • This is LIVE online bootcamp and lasts for around 90 minutes.
  • You’ll receive a recording of the live bootcamp you attend.
  • You’ll receive a digital pack of additional resources which include checklists, templates and additional resources.
  • The maximum number of Bootcamp participants is 20.
  • The fees to attend the LIVE bootcamp are $125 (c. £95).
  • Group rates are available if you’d like your team to attend a LIVE bootcamp.

 Next Scheduled Bootcamp: Saturday December 12th at 8am Pacific / 11am Eastern / 4pm UK

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Bootcamp Fee: $125 

About Your Bootcamp Leader

Passionate about remote leadership, Valentina thrives on creating structures and turning chaos into working systems. 

Valentina acts as Empress of Product at Klaus, a conversation review platform for support teams. Previous experiences include leadership roles at companies like Automattic and Yahoo Right Media, as well as the startup space. Valentina has been leading and working remotely for over a decade. Originally from Germany, she lives close to Barcelona with her twin pre-schoolers. Yes, she does wear a tiara 😉