Short Courses for Parents

School might be one part of your educational strategy with your kids, but we all know that schools can’t cover everything and the learning doesn’t stop when the bell rings. Some of the biggest and most important lessons for life and adulthood are learned outside of school, and are taught by you!

For some parents, this is exciting! For others, it can feel intimidating or overwhelming… 

  • Where do you start?
  • How do you figure out what’s important to teach?
  • How do you tackle topics that you lack confidence in?
  • How do you transfer your values to your kids?
  • How do you a family culture of support and acceptance that nurtures growth?
  • How do you get kids to do their chores and homework?
  • How do you move teens from angst to awesome?
  • What do you do when they’re driving you crazy in the downtime?
  • How do you learn to facilitate independent learning and teach when you have no formal training?
  • And most importantly, where do you find the time to figure all of that out?

Deep breaths. You can do this. We can help.

Maybe you took one of our bootcamps and came away INSPIRED with a renewed commitment to building a rich learning environment as a family.  Or, maybe you just can’t carve out the hours required to go as deep as the bootcamp but you recognize the need to get Beyond School and do more with and for your kids.

Either way, the Beyond School short courses are the answer. 

Consider them professional development for parents ready to take family life and learning to the next level. Or your daily parenting and education vitamin to keep your family healthy and growing towards the next level.

The process is simple:

  1. Pick a topic or a bundle below.
  2. Hit the button to complete your payment and register.
  3. Each day for about a week, you’ll get an email.
  4. Read at your leisure.
  5. Think deeply.
  6. Take action.

Get Beyond The Classroom: Enrichment For Kids In School

School is part of your educational strategy, but we all know it’s not the sum total of your child’s learning!

Perhaps you’re struggling with how to recognize and amplify the educational opportunities that are all around you. Maybe you’re inspired by the possibilities but feeling a little “stuck” when it comes to the practical “how to” of facilitating and expanding your child’s learning.

Becoming a master facilitator of “in the moment” and interest led learning isn’t difficult… but it does take some forethought and practice! This short course is like drinking from a firehose of very practical ideas for taking everyday life and turning it into adventurous learning. Your kids won’t even realize it’s “educational.”

If you’re a grown up with access to kids this 5-day short course is for you! Learn how to:

  • Teach geography, math, science, and more in the grocery store and beyond.
  • Leverage roadtrips, time in the car, and outdoor adventures.
  • Plan ahead for real world discovery learning.
  • Teach yourself “old skills” alongside your kid… you don’t have to be an expert first!
  • Create an arts and crafts adventure (even if you hate arts and crafts).
  • Take rainy days to the next level with phys ed and experimental adventures.

This course is for you if:

  • You want to have FUN with your kids
  • You want to learn to blend learning into daily life
  • You’re long on enthusiasm but short on ideas
  • Finding resources feels like “too much work” with everything else on your plate
  • Making memories is important to you
  • You want to learn WITH your kids
  • You’re looking for inspiration to amp your family life together
  • You’re in need of practical, hands on activities to do “right now!”

Get ready to have FUN with your kids. And learn good stuff too! 

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Building Family Culture

You’ve already got a family culture, everyone does. The question is, are you intentional about building it? Is it the culture you want? Have you cultivated it on purpose yet? Or are you simply repeating patterns (the good or the bad)?

Building Family Culture isn’t so much about DOING anything specific, it’s more about changing the way we think about our family legacy and our place in it.

If you’re a parent, aunt or uncle, grandparent, or chosen family, this 6-part course will inspire you to build culture with intention in your family and give you the tools to:

  • Define and develop your family culture.
  • Weed out the negative patterns that have been handed to you, unconsciously.
  • Intentionally build in growth and connection oriented patterns.
  • See childhood as an art to be practiced and created.
  • Recognize your individual and collective place within a greater community.
  • Raise children who see and value their place in community alongside others.
  • Develop mantras and choose words with intention.
  • And we’ll have some “real talk” about why parenting books SUCK.

This course is for you if:

  • You have children in any capacity, parents, aunts and uncles, grandparents, other grown-ups who “borrow” kids from time to time or participate in family life.
  • You have a vision for MORE for your family and community.
  • You’re thinking about multi-generational legacy and how to build it.
  • You want to make your family life truly exceptional.
  • You’re ready to break the cycles in your own childhood.
  • The idea of intentional community building resonates with you.
  • You see kids as welcome members of community.
  • You’re frustrated and demoralized by the “low bar” you see set around you.

Are you ready to be encouraged, inspired, and equipped in very practical ways to take your family life to the next level? This is a stand alone short course, or part of a larger, four week parenting bundle.

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Growing Terrific Teens

Are you approaching the teen years with trepidation? Have all the horror stories convinced you to expect the worst? Time to step back and examine the narrative that frames the teen years as turbulent and refocus on Growing Terrific Teens! (Remember the Pygmalion effect? You get what you expect!).

The teen years were my absolute favourite. At one point all FOUR of our kids were teenagers together and we had teens in our house non stop for thirteen years!! (THAT was an awesomely wild ride!).

This five part course will flip the script on teens from terrible to terrific and will give you concrete tools to:

  • Refocus your expectations and narrative around the teen years.
  • Help your teens craft their values and find their meaning for life.
  • Amp communication skills (theirs and yours!) for more harmonious family connections.
  • Foster multi-age friendships (how are your teens with their younger siblings and adults?).
  • Create rites of passage to celebrate milestones and draw teens into community focus as they spread their wings.

This course is for you if:

  • You have tweens and are thinking ahead about the teen years.
  • You work with teens in any capacity.
  • You have teens and you’re realizing there’s more for them and you.
  • You are struggling with communication and connection with your teens.
  • You’re struggling with sibling conflict and one kid is a teen.
  • You want to make the teen years with your kid the BEST years.
  • You want a loving, open, honest relationship with your teens as they become adults.

Are you ready to take your teens to the next level?

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