Whether your children are in school or you’ve already made the leap to homeschooling or you’re considering it, you are the steward of their educational journey. Learn how to become the best facilitators of a world class education and make more conscious, intentional choices about their learning journey, at every age and stage.


Join a live or recorded online bootcamp to get yourself on the ‘right’ track, quickly. You’ll find this track’s core bootcamp, along with our ‘Recommended For All’ bootcamps, below.

Beyond The Classroom Bootcamp

Are your kids still at school but you want to enrich their education and take it to a richer, higher level?

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Going Beyond School Bootcamp

Thinking of ditching school altogether and going it alone, but want to explore the options and know what’s out there?

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Recommended For All


How on earth do you do it ALL? Work, play, parent, take charge of your kid’s education, stay healthy…


Anti-Racism Bootcamp

Become more than ‘just’ a performative ally and commit to become anti-racist in all you do, including at work.

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When you’ve taken a Bootcamp and need help building what you’ve learned into your life, these will help.

Build: Beyond The Classroom

Learn how to build enrichment into your children’s education, beyond the classroom.

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Short Courses

Short, focused email courses to help you get targeted support with common parenting challenges.

Get Beyond The Classroom: Enrichment for Kids in School

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Building Family Culture

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Growing Terrific Teens

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Coaching & Consulting

Work with our world class experts to overcome any challenges you face on your journey.

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Explore self-directed learning and unschooling →

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Support Services

We provide a range of additional support services to ease your learning journey.

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