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Jay DanleyCanadian recording artist, Jay Danley, is a world-class session musician who contributed instrumentally to multiple Juno award-nominated records (Hilario Duran) and is the featured guitarist on the Juno award-winning (Julian Fauth), blues album of the year release.

He has performed with a multitude of legendary musicians from around the world. His coveted tenure with British-Canadian jazz vibraphonist, percussionist and composer, Peter Appleyard, is a memorable chapter in his career, along with performances with primary members of Buena Vista Social Club and Salsa star Oscar D’León, to name a few.

Jay is recognized as one of Canada’s leading Jazz and Latin multi- instrumentalist musicians/composers, who as band leader delivered many memorable performances, at the highly acclaimed “Beaches International Jazz Festival,” performed at Toronto’s legendary Massey Hall and graced the stage at the “Barbados Jazz Festival.”

Known as the creator of his own compelling style of “Ethiojazz,” Jay was selected by the “Ontario Arts Council,” in a rigorous juried competition, to receive funds to create his current album release titled “Ethiojazz Volume 1.” The album contains memorable melodies, themes and incredible performances, showcasing tracks that flow from high energy dance music to sweet ballads. A definitive record that captures the true essence of Ethiojazz.

His unique stylings are warming the hearts of Jazz fans at numerus concert performances on the southern Ontario Jazz circuit, with some of the most sought-after session players in the region.

The group leaves audiences in awe of the Danley trademark fusion of genres, that are a melting pot of five tone scaling Ethiopian Jazz, ‘70’s Soul, World-Jazz Fusion, Afro-Funk and Afro-Cuban music.

The Jay Danley Band have performed at many festivals that include; Hamilton World Music Festival, Lulaworld Fest and Small World Music Society festival. Jay is looking at performing at select music industry conferences across North America, garnering further festival bookings, and organizing a national tour across Canada, in the near future.

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  • Guitar

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  • 30 minutes for $20
  • 60 minutes for $35

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