Workshop: Beyond The Classroom

Led by Jenn Sutherland-Miller, this is an online training Bootcamp for parents and other supportive adults who want to go beyond the classroom and create a rich, living educational environment for their children.

During The Bootcamp, We…

  • Examine why school is actually the ‘low bar’ and baseline to be aiming for.
  • Understand how to set a higher bar…and reach it.
  • Talk about what’s required and HOW to get ‘beyond school’ as the only/primary place where education happens.
  • Explore the methods, tools and options to create a richer learning experience for your children. 
  • Explore what getting ‘beyond school’ actually means and looks like for your family.
  • Examine ways to better prepare your children for the world they’ll be living and working in. 

Who This Is For…

  • Families whose children are still primarily attending school, in some form.
  • Parents who have opted to learn remotely through their school but are struggling.
  • Families who are experiencing one or more of the following difficulties with kids learning at home:
    • Concerned about too much screen time for the children.
    • Wiggly kids who are finding it hard to stay seated for too long.
    • Frustration with the way lessons and content are being delivered.
    • Have kids resistant to learning from you (“You’re not my teacher!”)
    • There’s a lot of downtime to fill in between scheduled lessons. 
  • Parents who want to design a more intentional educational environment for their children, beyond the classroom (whether their kids are at school or not).
  • Parents who’ve been considering homeschooling but are concerned about making the leap, full time.
  • Anyone looking to be part of a ‘school of the future’ and take advantage of the ‘third path’ of education to create something that works for them.

Join A Live Workshop

  • The workshop lasts for around 2 hours.
  • Group sizes are between 5 and 20 people.
  • Live workshop fees are $195 (c. £150) per person.

Next Scheduled Workshop: TBC.


  • Access edited recordings of a live Workshop session (1.5 hours).
  • Watch online or download & watch them at your convenience.
  • Digital workshop fees are $125 (c. £95) per person.

Need financial support? If you cannot afford these fees but need the support for your family, please apply for sponsored (free) access to the Live or Digital Bootcamp here.

Join A Live Workshop

Live Workshop fee: $195 (c. £150) per person.

Instant Access To The Workshop

Digital Workshop fee: $125 (c. £95) per person.

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