In light of the position you find yourself in, we would like to invite you to attend an Anti Racism workshop we host every 2 months at Beyond School which is designed to highlight and educate attendees about many of the issues raised by Meghan Markle in her interview. 

Many (all?) of these are deeply and insidiously embedded into the royal family, into the heart of British society and our communities, and indeed in your own psyche, beliefs and behaviour. These are, perhaps, outside your own consciousness or knowing and they include:

  • The concepts of white privilege and colonialism, the origins of these and how these continue to impact society today.
  • The fact that being white means you are inherently racist, by default of living within a society and within systems which uphold white privilege and protect the white men who designed them.
  • The idea that you have the right to dismiss another human’s lived experience and exclaim you don’t believe a word they are saying – whether in relation to mental health, race or any other experience someone else has lived through, which you have not.

Failing to understand that you have the right and privilege to make claims like, “Freedom of speech is a hill I’m happy to die on. Thanks for all the love, and hate. I’m off to spend more time with my opinions.” when there are many around you who don’t have the same freedom of speech because of the colour of their skin is offensive and highlights your ignorance of society today. 

For a broadcaster of your experience and stature to be so willfully ignorant in such matters is hugely concerning for those of us raising children and the next generations in a world led by privileged white men, like you, who have no awareness of the impact of their words on what is, in fact, a majority of people when it comes to the global population.

While many seem to be focusing on the mental health aspect of your criticisms – a topic that a larger majority of (white) people can get behind, it is blindingly obvious that this focus hides the inherently and insidiously racist undertones of your criticisms which will be felt and seen by this supposed ‘minority’ of people. 

Let us assure you, we see this. We see you and we see and challenge your racism. 

And we invite you to educate yourself further so as to grow as a person and better serve the society you live in, and join the numerous white allies committed to doing this work. You can click here to register for the workshop on March 20th, 2021.


  • Lea, COO of Beyond School and Anti-Racism workshop co-host.
  • Sharon, teacher of Anti-Racism at Beyond School.
  • Jenn, CEO of Beyond School.
  • Lucy, CPO of Beyond School.

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