Art 101 (5-9 years old)

Over the course of 12 weeks, we will dive into a series of creative art adventures together, exploring techniques ranging from watercolour to collage and beyond. Our aim is to find joy and creativity in the world of art, trying out a new technique or project each week – something for everyone!

At the end of 12 weeks, students should have a good basic grasp on a range of techniques and will have developed their own personal art style while building confidence in their creative abilities.

With every class, it’s best to read the course description for the week and come inspired! I recommend Pinterest for finding cool art ideas to work with – or simply brainstorm what you’d like to draw in advance!

Course Structure

Week 1: Playing with Food

Let’s dive in and prove that art inspiration can come from anywhere! Today we’ll be making fun illustrations inspired by the every day objects (or snacks) around us.

What you’ll need:

  • Something to draw with (crayons, pens, pencils, colored pencils, you choose!).
  • Paper.
  • Small household items or toys, small outdoor elements (leaves, acorns, rocks), or bite sized snacks.

Week 2: Dot stones

Are you ready to turn an ordinary rock into an extraordinary piece of art? Let’s do it! This art form originated in Australia – google Australian dot art for inspiration!

What you’ll need:

  • Paint (acrylic works best).
  • Smooth, flat rocks (if you can’t find rocks where you are, feel free to use any other smooth flat object or cut craft paper into some fun shapes to work on).
  • Q-tips, pencil, eraser – a series of small things you could use as a stamp. Get creative!

Week 3: 5-color art challenge

Ready to take it to the next level? Today we’ll be creating a beautiful piece of art using just 4-5 colors. We’ll talk about creating color palettes, storytelling through color choice, and how to find inspiration when you’re a bit stuck.

What you’ll need:

  • Paper.
  • Art medium of your choice (pens, paint, markers, colored pencil, anything that allows you to easily play with color).

Week 4: Mandalas

Ready for something different? Let’s learn about mandalas! We’ll talk about the mandala’s backstory, get inspired, and create one of our own. I personally like to make mandalas using natural materials – feel free to collect leaves, stones, and other natural art stuff to bring to class, or make a mandala on paper using any medium you like!

What you’ll need:

  • Natural art supplies (optional).
  • Paper and the medium of your choice!

Week 5: Portraits

Creating portraits of friends, family, and people I see on the street has to be my favorite art activity! Today I’ll share my top tricks for easily creating a recognizable portrait of anyone you know. The best part? You DON’T need to know how to draw faces or people perfectly already. You’ve got this!

What you’ll need:

  • Paper (or something to draw on, feel free to get creative).
  • Markers, colored pencils, pens, and other fun drawing materials.

Week 6: Cardboard painting

Who says we need to use paper or canvas all the time? Some of my very favorite pieces have been created on simple cardboard and I’ve fallen in love with that different texture and color. Want to try it? Let’s go.

What you’ll need:

  • A decently big piece of cardboard – or a few! You choose the size and shape you’d like to work with.
  • Relatively good paint. You can use dollar store paint (I have many times), but you may find that it’s thin and doesn’t show up strongly on the darker cardboard material. This is art, we’ll have to play around with it!
  • A pencil and eraser for tracing out your design.

Week 7: Painting with string

You might have seen this technique before, but today we get to try it out! Using what we learned before about color palettes (with review), we’ll create fabulous feathers, decadent flows, and ribbons using our favorite colors and a simple piece of string or yarn.

What you’ll need:

  • Paint (acrylic is best).
  • Paper, canvas, or cardboard.
  • String or yarn. It might be fun to bring various kinds to experiment with the different textures!

Week 8: Shaving Cream Marbled Paper

This one can get a little messy, so be sure to have a parent or older sibling on hand to help out! Let’s make our own beautiful colored paper using shaving cream and food coloring (or natural dyes). Are you ready?

What you’ll need:

  • Several sheets of white paper.
  • Shaving cream.
  • Food coloring.
  • A deep baking sheet.
  • A toothpick, skewer, or butter knife.

Week 9: Collage

Collage will challenge you to use only what you have laying around to create an expressive piece! I absolutely love this technique – and it’s fun to mix it up with other techniques we’ve tried already. Feel free to get creative and add paint, white pencil on a black background, or build your collage on a cardboard background!

What you’ll need:

  • Old newspapers or magazines.
  • Scissors.
  • Glue.
  • Paper or whatever you’d like to use as a canvas.
  • Any other mediums you’d like to bring into the mix – glitter glue, beads, paint, markers, feathers – truly, anything.

Week 10: Watercolor

We’ve tried so much at this point, but we’re not done yet! Let’s play with watercolor. So different than other paints, I find that watercolor encourages me to trust my gut, get adventurous with color, and work any “mistakes” into the bigger picture. Let’s see what we come up with!

What you’ll need:

  • Watercolour paper.
  • Watercolours (cheap ones are fine).
  • Brushes.
  • A cup of water.
  • Some paper towels (or rags) for dabbing and cleaning brushes.

Week 11:  Monster Week!

You know what it feels like to walk home in the dark? What would a monster for that look like? What about the feeling when warm fresh cookies have just come out of the oven? What would THAT monster look like? Today we’re going to be drawing sensations and lived experiences! We’ll use colors that fit the emotions we’re depicting, and we’ll build creatures that show joy, fear, anger, excitement, discovery – whatever you’d like to create.

What you’ll need:

  • A canvas or paper of some kind.
  • Drawing tools.

Week 12: Rainbow Umbrellas

Let’s wrap it all up with a rainbow umbrella painting prompt! I love this one and I think you will too. As usual, feel free to experiment, use the medium of your choice, and put your own unique twist on the concept. You may need a parent to help trace out your creature or person with an umbrella, or go ahead and do it yourself!

What you’ll need:

  • A canvas of some kind.
  • Paint of some kind.
  • Painting tools (brushes, stamps, fingers, go for it!).
  • Water.
  • A black sharpie pen.

Course Details

  • Course Start Date: Tuesday,12th January 2021 at 9am Eastern | 2pm UK 
  • Class day/time: Tuesdays at 9am Eastern | 2pm UK 
  • Course Duration: 12 weeks.
  • Age range:  Approximately 5-9
  • Class size: Maximum of 10 students.
  • Fees: $180 per student for the 12-week course.

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The course fees are $180 per student for the 12-week course. 

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Meet Your Teacher, Hannah Miller…

Raised as a worldschooler, Hannah Miller is a jack-of-all-trades creative leader. Her art has been featured in the Wolfe Island Gallery and online magazine, and her eye for color and design fit into her other work as a web designer.

While her favorite pieces usually focus on people and shared human experience, you’ll also find her playing with various kinds of mixed media. Right now she’s diving into the world of digital art.


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