Art 2 (5-9 years old)

This semester we’ll be diving deep into more wild painting techniques, from using watercolours to creating crazy drip paintings!

Along the way, we’ll also have fun crafting animals out of colored beans; using photography, newspapers, and paint to make fantastic self portraits; learning the basics of character illustration; trying our hand at surrealism, and so much more!

We will build a small art community together, supporting each other’s work, laughing, and taking time each week to enjoy colour and creativity so that we can come away refreshed. Take a look at the full line-up below…

Course Structure

Week 1: Introduction to Watercolour

How to use watercolour paints, what you need to know about mixing colours, brush techniques, and more! We will play freehand and then walk through a watercolor exercise together as a group.

Week 2: Negative Space

Have you tried creating art using negative space before? Let’s learn about this concept and create something new as a group!

Week 3: Bean art

This week, we’ll glue coloured beans to canvas to create fun portraits of animals or people. Let’s relax and think about textures and patterns.

Week 4: Drip painting

After drawing our main subject, we will spice up our art with drip painting. This week we’ll go deeper into color theory, why it matters, and how to get started.

Week 5: Self-portrait + Photography

We’ll be creating a self-portrait using photography, newspaper clippings, and canvas and paint.

Week 6: Art journal day

Are you into journaling? Whether you’ve journaled for years or have never tried, this class is for you! We will explore the concept of keeping an art journal, try some basic techniques, and tackle a few art journaling prompts.

Week 7: Illustration 101

It’s time to draw from your imagination! Today is all about character creation, understanding how to draw basic outlines of characters, and playing with facial features. From character design to drawing outfits, hair, eyes – you name it, and we’ll all give it a shot today.

Week 8: Drawing perspectives

Learn to map out the angles that make your art take on some dimension.

Week 9: Salt snowflakes

Winter is here and we are ready to play with a new watercolor technique. Have you seen the way watercolor paint reacts with salt? We’ll be using that reaction today to create beautiful winter snowflakes.

Week 10: Birch Tree Painting

Taking what we’ve learned about color theory, drawing outlines, and negative space, we’ll be painting a beautiful birch forest today.

Week 11: Watercolour pointillism

Playing with colour, shadows, and blending using pointillism.


Week 12:  Surrealism

Strange and stranger! Let’s learn about surrealism today and draw something unusual.

Course Details

  • Course Start Date: Wednesday 13th January, 11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern / 7pm UK 
  • Course Duration: 12 weeks.
  • Age range:  5-9 years
  • Class size: Maximum of 10 students.
  • Fees: $180 per student for the 12-week course.

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The course fees are $180 per student for the 12-week course. 
Either pay in full ($180) or pay in 3 instalments of $60 for 3 months. 

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Meet Your Teacher, Hannah Miller…

Raised as a worldschooler, Hannah Miller is a jack-of-all-trades creative leader. Her art has been featured in the Wolfe Island Gallery and online magazine, and her eye for color and design fit into her other work as a web designer.

While her favorite pieces usually focus on people and shared human experience, you’ll also find her playing with various kinds of mixed media. Right now she’s diving into the world of digital art.

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