Coping With The Impact of The Pandemic

The impact of COVID-19 on everybody, everywhere has been immense, whether you’ve had the virus or not. Lockdowns, social restrictions, kids at home…loss, grief, sadness, loneliness. It’s been an overwhelming cocktail of emotions which many people are finding hard to deal with.

On this course, you will learn about your feelings and emotions, and what they are there for. You will learn how to use your feelings as a guide to get your needs met (or meet them yourself) and as a prompt to take action. You will learn how to recognise and get rid of old feelings that may also be coming up for you, triggered by the stress of COVID-19.

Session 1: Introduction and what you can expect

In this session, I will introduce the course and my approach to and understanding of feelings and emotions and talk through why COVID-19 makes it more important than ever that we manage our feelings well.  We will understand how what’s been happening throughout the pandemic impacts our feelings and how we can spot and manage them and get our needs met well.

You will leave this session knowing that you are about to learn some good ways to deal with your complex feelings and how understanding them better gives you some important power.

Session 2: Feelings 101

In this session I will run through the four primary feelings and talk through how they work just like our bladder telling us when we need to use the bathroom!

  • Sadness is caused by loss and tells us to get comfort and consolation.
  • Anger is caused by a breaking or a breach and tells us we need to go and mend the break. 
  • Fear is caused by the presence of a threat in the here and now and tells us to get safe.
  • Joy is caused by the presence of any pleasure and prompts us to share the good things that happen for us.

We will then explore together how living through all that COVID-19 is bringing into our lives may have led to heightened feelings.

Session 3: CONFUSING emotions, cover up and old emotions

In this session I will show you how your feelings can be complicated and confused by us thinking we are not allowed to feel or express certain emotions and also how old feelings – which haven’t had their needs met – can keep showing up even though they don’t help us to solve the problem in our here and now. I will also show how our feelings are like colours and can be mixed to make new ones; an example of this is how fear and joy can mix together to make excitement just like blue and red can be mixed together to make purple. 

We will understand together how mixed emotions can show up more during this pandemic than ever before and how some of the difficult things right now may open up our old emotional box and let some of that stuff back out. You will leave this session feeling confident that you can manage this well.

Session 4: Getting our needs met well

In this session you will make choices and plans to get your needs met well when you feel a feeling nudging at you inside your body. You will make sure that you get and do what your feelings are telling you to in a healthy and proactive way so that old ones won’t hang around and you will be even more healthy and calm. We will remember all we have learned together over the four sessions.

You will leave the session knowing how to recognise your feelings, manage your emotions and get your needs met well.

Course Details

  • Course Start Date: 
    • CLASS TIME 1: Monday, November 30th at 9am Pacific | 12pm Eastern | 5pm UK
    • CLASS TIME 2: Monday, November 30th at 1pm Pacific | 4pm Eastern | 9pm UK
  • Class Times: Mondays at EITHER 9am Pacific | 12pm Eastern | 5pm UK  OR 1pm Pacific | 4pm Eastern | 9pm UK 
  • Course Duration: 4 weeks
  • Teaching Format: 45-minute live sessions each week.
  • Age range: 8+
  • Class size: Maximum of 10.
  • Course fees: $100 per student for the 4-week course.

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The course fees are $100 for the 4-week course.


Meet Your Teacher

Lucy Power is a qualified and ICF-professionally credentialled elite Coach who is also extensively trained and experienced in Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy and group process work.

A qualified Youth Worker, Lucy used to work as Leader in Charge of an innovative and pioneering youth project for LGBTQ or questioning young people back in the 90’s and early 2000s.

Lucy (she/her) is a lesbian who has been featured in international publications regarding the adoption of her adult non-binary (they / them) lesbian kid and has navigated the coming out and settling in as out process both for herself and in loving her kid.

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