Film-Making Bootcamp (10+)

We host and share personally vetted (and well known to us) learning resources by people we respect, admire and would want our kids to learn from too! This film-making course is one of the first courses – not created by or in conjunction with us – that we are excited to share with you because we know the creators and one set of our kids (Lea’s) are working through it and enjoying it immensely!

Find out more about the course below…

Full DisclosureAligned with our core values of integrity & openness, we receive a small commission for sharing this resource if you choose to purchase access to the course.  If you have any feedback about your experience with the course, we would love to hear it – positive or negative, this helps us decide which learning resources to share (or not) with our community.

What This Is:

An online film school for kids of all ages. Focusing on smart phones and GoPro’s. We were inspired to create this course after we taught filmmaking basics to 15 kids in Bali for 1 month. It was insane to see how hungry they all were to learn more and push their limits and creativity. The only problem was after our class ended they had no resources to keep them going.

That’s how Future Filmmakers was born! We are proud to release this to you and cannot wait to see what magic you create!

Lifetime Membership includes:

  • 50+ videos / 6+ hours of content
  • Access to all future content
  • Mentorship from professionals
  • Access to a private community
  • Monthly video contests
  • Self-paced course
  • Certificates for completed courses
  • Interviews with guest speakers
  • Q&A with film professionals

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