Gender Identity & Sexuality

You’re coming out or questioning your sexuality or gender and you need help to navigate it and to manage your relationship with yourself, your family and the wider world.

The intention of this programme is to provide you a safe and nourishing space to learn and grow into your truest self, navigating what can be a tricky time with grace, self love and conscious authenticity.

Course Structure

Session 1: How are you?

This module will help you to get hold of and work through what is happening for you right now, helping you to navigate it safely and with skill.

  • Your opportunity to explore your feelings
  • Your assumptions and their source
  • Your internal stuff
  • Your wants and needs for yourself
  • Your relationship with your parents, siblings and wider family
  • Your hopes and fears

Session 2: The world we live in.

This module will help you to understand the context of the world, what you are coming out into and how to manage this.

  • Heteronormativity
  • Comp-het
  • Homophobia
  • Biphobia
  • Transphobia
  • The law
  • Culture

Session 3: Getting it right in my family and in the wider world.

This module will help you to work out what matters most to you, what your boundaries are, what you will and won’t compromise on and why, you’ll come out of this one feeling really clear and sure on some parts of your here and now that may feel a little muddy at present.

  • What do I call myself and how much does this matter to me?
  • What if they get it wrong?
  • Being misunderstood, gaslighted, misgendered or erased – how do I navigate this?
  • Managing difficulties
  • How can I best tell people?

Session 4: Managing my needs, wishes and wants.

This module will help you to work further into knowing who you are, what you want and need and how you want others to help you in this. You are important and you deserve time and space to work this though for yourself.

  • What do you need right now?
  • What wants are challenged by the response and reaction of your family toward you
    right now?
  • Adjusting and managing your needs, wants and expectations
  • Accounting and expressing your feelings, whatever they are
  • Being you, being true

Session 5: Shame

This module will help you to account shame in this process, learn about it and find solutions and ways to become more aware as a way of minimising its impact.

  • What is shame?
  • How is this relevant?
  • How to slay your shame and step into your best way of being in your world

Session 6: How I want my life to be.

This module will help you to get really intentional about how you want and need your life to be. You will get really honest with yourself and make important and life shaping intentions.

  • Creating your vision for yourself and your wider world
  • Discovering your values
  • What matters most
  • If you could wave a magic wand…?
  • Shaping a conscious and intentional way of being in your family and in your world

Course Details

  • Course Start Date: Monday 11th January 2021 @ 12pm Eastern | 5pm UK OR Thursday 14th January 2021 @ 4.30pm Eastern | 9.30pm UK
  • Class Times: Mondays @ 12pm Eastern | 5pm UK OR Thursdays @ 4.30pm Eastern | 9.30pm UK
  • Course Duration: 6 weeks
  • Teaching Format: Weekly 60-minute live sessions.
  • Age range: Tweens and teens (approximately 11+).
  • Class size: Maximum of 10.
  • Course fees: $100 for the 6-week course.

Book Your Space

The course fees are $100 for the 6-week course.


Meet Your Teacher

Lucy Power is a qualified and ICF-professionally credentialled elite Coach who is also extensively trained and experienced in Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy and group process work.

A qualified Youth Worker, Lucy used to work as Leader in Charge of an innovative and pioneering youth project for LGBTQ or questioning young people back in the 90’s and early 2000s.

Lucy (she/her) is a lesbian who has been featured in international publications regarding the adoption of her adult non-binary (they / them) lesbian kid and has navigated the coming out and settling in as out process both for herself and in loving her kid.

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