Mental Fitness (10+)

Course Structure

Week 1: (LIVE call) What is Mental Health? – In this first session Brian will explain what we mean by the term ‘mental health’.  Is it the same as physical health?  Is mental health a disease?  Can we get better if we start to experience poor mental health?

Week 2: The Power of Thinking – This session focuses on a simple model that explains why we sometimes feel stuck and unable to change when we experience poor mental health.  Brian also explains what we can do about it and lets us into one important fact that can change the way we see mental health forever.

Week 3: Understanding The ‘Bubble’ – Why is it that everyone experiences the world differently?  How is that our parents, our teachers, our friends and the rest of the world all don’t just think like us?  Would it not be easier if we all thought the same?  This session discusses the impact of our personal perceptions on our mental health and our experience of the world.

Week 4: Translating Mental Health – There are so many health terms it can be difficult to know how to navigate them.  Is a panic attack and an anxiety attack the same thing?  How would I know if I’ve had one?  What is depression?  Do I have that too?  Why do some people get addictions or self-harm, are these diseases?

Week 5: Pearls of Wisdom – We learn to be us through experience.  Everything we do builds another part our personality (especially when we are young).  Some experiences just reinforce things we already knew and sometimes life delivers us something brand new that can create new thoughts, new emotions and new ways of doing things.  How does this work and what impact does it have on our mental health?

Week 6: Live Q&A and Feedback Session – A midpoint live session to answer any questions and give some feedback on any homework tasks that have been submitted.

Week 7: Strengthening Our Decision Making Muscles – We are all decision making machines.  In fact, it is often argued that the quality of your life is directly related to the quality of your decisions.  and, if that’s true, why do we keep making bad decisions? Brian will explain what your brain needs to make a decision and how you can build your self esteem and confidence to get your decision making muscles strong again,

Week 8: The Hero’s Secret – Fear is a powerful force in our life whether we want it to be there or not.  It motivates our choices, it shapes the direction of our lives and it can stop us from being truly ‘us’.  What if it could be understood and harnessed?  Would you believe us if we told you that fear was always trying to help?  And is it ever a good thing to be scared?  Let’s stop being scared of being scared…

Week 9: What’s Your Normal? – Our world is built of patterns.  From the moment we are born we are learning our ‘normal’ and knowing our ‘normal’ makes us feel safe and secure. But as we get older our Normal that we grew up with will change and that can have a direct impact on our emotional health and wellbeing.  Why do we not like it when our normal changes and can we do anything about it?

Week 10: Achieving Your Dreams – What does it take to really achieve a dream?  How do you get your mind into exactly the right place to find all the confidence and resilience needed to make a dream come true?  How do you cope when things go wrong and is there a formula to success?

Week 11: Just being You – is it really possible to ever just be yourself?  This final recorded session will focus on the power of being yourself and how to achieve freedom from other people’s perceptions while still being a kind, considerate and positive influence on your community and the world.  Brian will show our young people how to let their light shine.

Week 12: Final Live Wrap Up & Q&A Session – To wrap up the course Brian will do a final Live session recapping on all the topics we’ve covered, taking any final questions and sending everyone off to be awesome!  A big positive end to learning about the mind and how to harness its positive power.

Course Details

  • Start Date: Monday 11th January 2021, 9.30am Pacific | 12.30pm Eastern | 5.30pm UK
  • Course Duration: 12 weeks
  • Teaching Format: Recorded sessions released each week via our Google Classroom, with 3 x 60-minute live sessions at:
    • Week 1 (January 11th 2021)
    • Week 6 (February 15th 2021)
    • Week 12 (March 29th 2021). 
  • Age range: Tweens and teens (approximately 11+).
  • Class size: Maximum of 10.
  • Course fees: $180 per student.

The course fees are $180 per student for the 12-week course.

Meet Your Teacher

Brian Costello is a Mental Health expert based just outside Glasgow in Scotland.  He has worked in Mental Health and Personal Development since 2003 and continues to help people create life changing transformations and one of his biggest passions is taking the fear out of Mental Health and the adventure of being a human being with emotions.

Brian is an author, a coach, therapist and popular speaker in schools and education across Scotland. His ethos of ‘positive conversations about Mental Health’ echoes through everything he does, setting him apart from the usual dry, serious and sometimes fear filled chat that young people often hear when it comes to this subject.

Brian pulls regularly on his own personal experiences of growing up as well as having an incredible catalogue of client stories that will bring every lesson to life and make it relevant, fascinating and, if he does his job right, it might even be funny.

Mental Health is one of the most misunderstood aspects of growing up and it’s time to make sure our kids know that their Mental Health is not happening ’to’ them, it’s happening with them.  Once they know that, now the world is truly their oyster.

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