Bootcamp: Beyond Work (LIVE)


Hosted by the leadership team of Beyond School – Jenn Sutherland-Miller, Lea Jovy and Lucy Power – this is a POWERHOUSE bootcamp that addresses the age-old question of just how do we do it all (and stay sane and happy!)?

Between your partner, children, work, friends, exercise regimen, dreaming of holidays and the good old days when things felt more manageable, you’ve about had it up to here! You are not alone in this. We are ALL feeling the strain right now. This bootcamp will help you.


Led by COO and co-founder of Beyond School, Lea Jovy-Ford this bootcamp is designed to help you get ‘beyond work’ that doesn’t work for you! What does that mean? It means re-examining the purpose and role of work in your life and making a conscious choice to make changes to make work work better for you. Join Lea for this 4+ hour live bootcamp to get beyond work!


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