Meet The Beyond School Team

We are building a world class team of educators, coaches, consultants and mentors. Find out more about them below.

Our Co-Founders & Leadership Team

Meet Jenn Sutherland-Miller, who lives on Wolfe Island, Canada.

Jenn is our CEO – in this case, Chief ‘Evangelist’ Officer – whose job is to spread the message of this third path of education and our school of the future, far and wide.

She is also our Chief Education Officer and is responsible for ensuring that we offer world class learning opportunities for ALL students and develop a team of world class educators.

Jenn has over 20 years of experience in supporting families to build a world class education for their children outside the four walls of a classroom – beyond school.

In addition to successfully homeschooling her own four children, from birth to university entrance while traveling the world, full time, for over a decade, Jenn has a degree in education and has worked with hundreds of families as a consultant and educational coach.

Meet Lea Jovy, who currently lives in a small market town in the UK. 

Lea is our COO – in charge of all things operations and ensuring that everything gets done to the values & standards we hold ourselves to (excellence!).

It is also her role to ensure that what we are building at Beyond School and the way we’re building it, means that we can build and make more for everyone.

Lea has been at the forefront of the location independent / digital nomad movement since 2006 and has helped thousands of people become location independent – she’s been a business coach/mentor for almost two decades.

Lea has a blended, multi-racial family with 4 children – 1 son, 2 girls and a non-binary tween – and her partner, Becky. 

Lea has home educated her two children from birth and all 4 are now home educated together.

Meet Lucy Power, who currently lives in the same market town as Lea!

Lucy is our CXO, in charge of customer experience & ensuring our students have everything they need to succeed and overcome any roadblocks standing in their way. 

Lucy is an ICF credentialed Coach who is extensively trained & experienced in Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy. Lucy has also been a senior leader in social care and Social Work since the 1990s. Alongside all the qualifications – including an honour’s degree in Philosophy, a Master’s degree in Social Work, a Level 7 advanced post graduate diploma in Business Leadership and a Postgraduate certificate in Personal and Business Coaching – Lucy has broad, deep life experience in the LGBTQi world. Lucy has a blended family with an adopted adult child and a step-son with her partner, Laura.

Meet The Rest of The Team…

James Bambury

James is a professional sports coach and educator. He has a Masters in Elementary Education with a focus on educational policy.

James has coached at elite high school basketball camps around the North Eastern United States as well as Canada. He was Head Coach of both the club and university Women’s basketball programs at Leeds Metropolitan University Basketball, UK. He also became a national team coach for both England Basketball and the British University Games teams. Since 2011 James has been the full time Women’s Basketball coach at the Royal Military College of Canada followed by 8 years at his Alma Mater Queen’s University.

Learn with James:

Carone Beaucage

Carone has worked with families and children for the past twenty five years. She has social work background, worked with children with intellectual disabilities, and is a former camp director.

Carone was drawn to the incredible breadth and depth of the Waldorf curriculum, and received her teaching certificate from the Steiner Centre in Toronto.

She has taught Waldorf in the classroom to grades two through five. Both of her children attended Waldorf schools. Later, she enjoyed combining Waldorf with ‘worldschooling’ when her travels took her to many parts of the globe. 

Learn with Carone:

Brian Costello

Brian CostelloBrian Costello is a Mental Health expert based just outside Glasgow in Scotland.  

He has worked in Mental Health and Personal Development since 2003 and continues to help people create life changing transformations and one of his biggest passions is taking the fear out of Mental Health and the adventure of being a human being with emotions.

Brian is an author, a coach, therapist and popular speaker in schools and education across Scotland.

Learn with Brian:

Jay Danley

Jay DanleyCanadian recording artist, Jay Danley, is a world-class session musician who contributed instrumentally to multiple Juno award-nominated records (Hilario Duran) and is the featured guitarist on the Juno award-winning (Julian Fauth), blues album of the year release. He has performed with a multitude of legendary musicians from around the world. 

Jay is recognized as one of Canada’s leading Jazz and Latin multi- instrumentalist musicians/composers, who as band leader delivered many memorable performances, at the highly acclaimed “Beaches International Jazz Festival,” performed at Toronto’s legendary Massey Hall and graced the stage at the “Barbados Jazz Festival.”

Known as the creator of his own compelling style of “Ethiojazz,” his unique stylings are warming the hearts of Jazz fans at numerus concert performances on the southern Ontario Jazz circuit, with some of the most sought-after session players in the region.

Learn with Jay:

Teilhard Frost

A multi-instrumentalist, instrument maker, and music educator, Teilhard  (pronounced: Tay-yar) Frost specializes in traditional Appalachian folk music. Teilhard is a founding member of acclaimed act Sheesham, Lotus and ‘Son, who perform their highly entertaining show throughout Europe and North America. He lives on Wolfe Island in the St. Lawrence River where he makes banjos, teaches old time music and enjoys family life with his partner and their two daughters.

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Dani Kehm

Dani KehmDani has a B.A. in Spanish and Education (K-12) and a M.A. in Cross-Cultural and International Education.  She has over 25 years of teaching experience including Spanish, English, Bilingual Education, and ESL taught in the United States, Mexico and Spain, from ages K-adult.  She served as an education volunteer with the Peace Corps in Paraguay for 3 years and worked as a Developmental Therapist for 5 years, before moving to Guatemala, where she lived for 8 years.

Learn with Dani:

Sharon Hurley Hall

Sharon Hurley HallSharon Hurley Hall is a professional B2B writer, the author of Exploring Shadeism, and co-host of the Introvert Sisters podcast.

She is committed to anti-racism, and publishes an anti-racism newsletter on Substack.

Sharon lives in Barbados and has worked online for decades. She holds an MA in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.

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Jenni Mahnaz

Jenni MahnazJenni Mahnaz has over a decade of experience in self-directed education and other alternative educational philosophies. 

She has worked closely with Manhattan Free School (now ALC NYC), Brooklyn Apple Academy, and ALC Mosaic in Charlotte, NC, as well as many families taking a home based approach to education. She also regularly contributes to Tipping Points, the online publication for The Alliance For Self Directed Education. 

Beyond her passion for self-directed education, Jenni is also a pro at NY state homeschool paperwork, translating the way kids actually learn into language the DOE understands, supporting the “deschooling” process for new self-directed families, and helping families explore and challenge long held assumptions about what education “should” look like. 

Learn with Jenni:

Hannah Miller

Hannah Miller is a third-generation worldschooler, jack-of-all-trades creative leader and education hacker who has been defying norms and forging her own path from early on. She is wildly passionate about travel, creative arts, and education.

Hannah started her first business (in cookie sales) at age 11 and by 16 had begun an online career in content management and design. As a teen, she traveled full-time in close quarters with her family of six and by 19, her online business had grown to the point where she could sustainably live and travel anywhere in the world. 

Learn with Hannah:

Carlos Sunza

Carlos was born in Mexico and recently moved to the United States. He’s been teaching Spanish online for the last 6 years and, from the very first moment, knew he loved teaching and helping others.

When he was in high school he got a job tutoring a 10 year old kid. In 2017 he started a project to help disadvantaged kids, teaching them English and music in the community.

Carlos loves languages, making music and reading. In his free time he loves singing songs in different languages with his wife, practicing sign language (still a beginner), drawing and camping.

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