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Our goal at Beyond School is to build and work with a team of ‘world class’ educators – teachers, tutors, mentors, coaches, consultants, leaders and more.

Who We Choose To Work With…

When we say ‘world class’, this is what we’re typically looking for:

  • Extensive experience of working with and educating children, both one on one and in groups.
  • Deep, inspiring and passionate knowledge about your subject which you are excited to share.
  • Experience of working/teaching online and engaging learners remotely is preferred (though we can work with you to develop this if other boxes are ticked!).
  • Proactive, motivated and creative self starters – a common requirement we know – but given we’re a remote-first team and our goal is to make a bigger table for everyone to fit around, we’re keen to work with folk who are equally motivated to help us build a bigger table and identify opportunities which align with our goals and values.
  • Shared core values – these are absolute non-negotiables for us as a leadership team.
  • A true commitment to team-working – not just paying lip service to this; we work as a team to build a bigger table and this is a vital part of who we are as a team.
  • Exceptional communication skills – since everything we do here is about communication (externally in serving our audience and internally in serving each other as a team) respectful, clear and direct communication is vital.
  • An unwavering commitment to diversity, inclusion and equity, in line with our own commitment.

What We’re Looking For…

We are always on the lookout for educators who:

  • Can offer an engaging and inspiring learning experience, remotely, in diverse subjects – either as a ‘live’ or recorded course format.
  • Are passionate about tutoring individuals and small groups of children, remotely.
  • Can support parents and families to create an enriching learning journey, with practical support services.
  • Are looking to join an equitable, passionate, committed and inclusive team, intent on building a bigger table for everyone.

Get In Touch & Show Us Your Stuff!

If you resonate with the above, please complete this form and let us know what you can bring to our learning table!

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