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We offer a THIRD path between the current educational systems and going it alone: A #SchoolOfTheFuture to create a more conscious and intentional education for WHOLE family learning…Beyond School.

Ready to Learn?


Become the best facilitator you can be of a world class education for your children AND learn alongside them. Explore a range of bootcamps, workshops and courses to help you cultivate a WHOLE family approach to  learning and growth that continues beyond school.

Tweens & Teens

We know what a challenging time this can be for young people. Explore a range of world class learning opportunities for tweens/teens to help them survive AND thrive through the challenges they face as they enter adulthood, and beyond.


Expand your children’s learning journey with a holistic and diverse program of enrichment and learning opportunities. We hand select world class educators to introduce your kids to an exciting world of learning, that goes above and beyond school.

What People Say

As I first turned to homeschooling, I had the good fortune to have Jenn in my life. Jenn helped me to make informed decisions about what was best for our family; she was never prescriptive, always using gentle tools and her expertise and experience to help us discover the best way forward for us. 

During the inevitable moments of self-doubt, she was always encouraging, while giving specific tips and advice – from curriculum to online resources in several languages.

My two are now thriving teenagers, and our third, has also just completed nearly 3 years of homeschooling.

Tanya Murphy

Your bootcamp and one on one expertise in building our curriculum for the year was invaluable. As a first timer in the homeschooling world there’s an overwhelming amount of information out there and you simply don’t know where to start.

Beyond School not only provided me with the assurance I needed to take on this adventure, but the detailed information to get started.

By the end of my last session I felt empowered to take on the role of educator and confident that this will be one of our best learning years yet! Thank you for giving our family this irreplaceable gift! 

L Gorski

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